Optimistic about the future of trade digitization, JXL Logic signed a series of contracts in China.
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Optimistic about the future of trade digitization, JXL Logic signed a series of contracts in China.

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Mr. Huang Zhiqiang, Regional Vice President of Northeast, Central and Southeast Asia and General Manager of Greater China of Power Rise Logic, had a very tight schedule of activities recently, from attending the 6th Fair held in Shanghai, to attending the World Internet Conference 2023 in Wuzhen, and then attending the plenary session of the New Lu Council in Jinan, with speeches or signing contracts in every activity.

PowerLogic, a global technology company under PSA Group, is the builder of Singapore's first "Single Window" and is committed to promoting the digitization and facilitation of global trade, and providing trade digital solutions for enterprises and governments around the world, with China as one of its key markets! China is one of its important markets.

In the company's view, digital trade development, especially port digital development is not a gimmick, it is the status quo as well as the trend. from 2000 to 2021, the global port container (20-foot TEU) throughput grew from 220 million TEU to 8.4 TEU. behind the nearly 4-fold growth data, it marks that the commercial service of containerization of cross-border trade has entered into the maturity period from the growth period, and the sea-land intermodal transport The service capacity of sea-land intermodal transportation has been gradually enhanced. As a result, port operators have embarked on the path of high-performance, high-tech development and transformation to solve the problems of land scarcity, low mechanical operation rate of equipment, insufficient road handling resources, and poor data transmission efficiency that constrain the outward development of ports. Automation, digitalization, intelligence and sustainability are becoming the investment hotspots and development keywords of these world-class large ports, and port development to drive the diversified development of urban industries is becoming the new momentum of port economy and coastal cities' economic development.


As the world's largest country in cargo trade, China's port digitalization construction process also continues to accelerate. In recent years, China's ports have become the wind vane for the development of the world's ports and trade. 2021 statistics show that among the top ten ports in the world's container port throughput, China's ports occupy seven seats, accounting for 47% of the world's total container throughput, and the Shanghai Port, which leads the world's port throughput, has successfully defended its title for several years. Under the wave of digitization, large Chinese ports have taken the construction of "smart ports" as the entry point for the transformation of foreign trade digitization construction, leading the way to create a new situation in port construction.

This provides a good opportunity for PowerLogic to develop in China. This has led to two recent signings:

At the New China Economic, Trade and Investment Forum held during the 6th China Import and Export Fair, PowerLogic signed a cooperation agreement with AmbiFast Technology (Shenzhen) Co. The three parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the areas of multilateral customs clearance, construction of "single window" and data sharing system, and financial services for shipping and trade.

On November 11, JSI signed a letter of intent with Shandong Electronic Port Co., Ltd. and Shandong Port Qingdao Port International Container Development Co. According to the letter of intent, JSI and Shandong E-Port will expand the scope of bilateral customs clearance cooperation between Shandong and Singapore based on the existing cooperation foundation, and express the intention to explore the establishment of "Shandong-Singapore 'Single Window' Joint Operation Center" to simplify the cross-border trade transactions. and expressed the intention to explore the establishment of "Lu-Singapore 'Single Window' Joint Operation Center" to simplify the cross-border trade transaction process. In addition, Shanghai Jin Sheng Software Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Jin Sheng Logic, also signed a letter of intent with Qingdao Port International Container Development Co., Ltd. to deepen the cooperation in the areas of port digitization solutions, cross-border trade and logistics, and to explore the feasibility of digital solutions for the port ecosystem in the future, so as to speed up the "digitization of the port in Shandong" to "digitization of the port in Shandong The two parties will deepen cooperation in the areas of port digitalization solutions, cross-border trade logistics, etc. to explore the feasibility of future digital solutions for the port ecosystem and accelerate the transformation of "Shandong port digitalization" to "Shandong port digitalization.

"The initiative to build 'One Belt, One Road' has deepened the exchanges between China and ASEAN in the areas of economy, trade and culture, and both sides can continue to strengthen their complementary advantages in the future to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. As the sole provider of complete connectivity trade compliance solutions connecting ASEAN, Power Rise Logic would like to continue to play a digital and intellectual role in connecting China and the ASEAN region, and provide a strategic guide for Chinese companies to enter the ASEAN market." Huang said that ASEAN is the home ground of JL Logic, and the company's pioneering "Total Trade" service paradigm is able to provide government and enterprises with industry chain node solutions and services from export to import, end to end, effectively solving the difficulties in connecting cross-border trade, supporting enterprises and government departments to comprehensively manage the trade chain, and realizing Efficient and compliant trade.


Previously, with the support of its parent company, Singapore International Port Group (SIPG), PowerLogic has participated in the construction of a number of China-Singapore strategic connectivity projects, and has carried out in-depth cooperation in the areas of digital intelligence construction, data transmission, and smart ports for bilateral trade with the ports of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Dalian, and has actively participated in and boosted the development of regional trade in the Yangtze River Delta region and important port cities.

For example, Singapore International Port Group and Beibu Gulf Port Group jointly set up Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Network Service Company in 2018, and went online with the Beibu Gulf International Gateway Port unified customer service portal, Beigang.com, two years after the company was established. Currently, the website has more than 20 functions, fully realizing the objectives of user integration, data integration, one-stop business handling and full paperless service, effectively improving the port's production, operational efficiency and sustainability.

According to Huang, it is crucial to promote digital connectivity between China and ASEAN in the future to achieve secure, seamless and synergistic operation of digital infrastructure, and governments and businesses need to focus on areas such as how to develop a common regional data policy and e-payment framework, provide digital skills training, and promote ASEAN cybersecurity cooperation and capacity enhancement.

"We have a real sense of the vitality and resilience of the Chinese economy and China's foreign trade, as well as the important role that the ports and shipping industry plays in the growth of commerce and trade in China." Huang said the company will continue to plough into the Chinese market and help more Chinese customers and partners share the opportunities of digital trade development, integrate into the global trade network, and promote the digitization and facilitation of global trade.


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